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This is a thing. I don't know what it is, or where it came from. I just saw somebody else (:iconcohpycat:) making draws of it.
I'm Sorry
In response to the last thing I posted, here's a slightly less-terrible thing. Enjoy just a bit more than the last post!
Somebody Asked For It
This is what happens when people ask me to art. Recognize my lack of skills. They're amazing.
The Virtual Petrock
The newest freely-adoptable member of The Digital Pet Store, the Virtual Petrock, has just been announced! Adorable, right?

After buying a Virtual Petrock (for the low price of $4.99), you can:
  • put food next to it so it won't starve
  • pour water on it so it won't get thirsty
  • pet it to show your affection
  • have staring contests with it
  • insist to your friends and family that your Virtual Petrock is alive, and that all it wants is to be loved and make you happy
  • buy other pets from The Digital Pet Store so your Virtual Petrock will be less lonely when you're not able to play with it

this is a joke; The Digital Pet Store does not exist yet. If it ever does, these cutes will be available for free.
Some person who shall remain nameless (their icon looks like this: :iconaubor:) has opted to infect me with a mind virus to get me to leave them alone with :iconcohpycat: for two hours. I'm about a decade behind on my Pokémon, so I'll be researching all of the Pokémon I generate. Yeah... this ought to be fun.

Rules Viral Instructions:
  1. Search '' on (or, if you're lazy).
  2. Click the first non-advertisement link.
  3. Switch to "All regions" and "All types".
  4. Switch to "1".
  5. For each question, generate a Pokémon, and use it as the answer. Then comment about it.
  6. Perpetuate this virus by copying these instructions.
  7. Tag some users you'd like to spread this virus to.

This is you: Umbreon
Umbreon by pokemon3dsprites
Yeah, I know I'm awesome, Random Number God. Thanks for confirming it, though.

This Pokémon is your best friend: Aegislash
Aegislash (shield) by pokemon3dsprites
I chose my best friend pragmatically. If I'm ever in a tough situation, I can confidently leave this bugger to fight against something while I can make good my escape!

This Pokémon is your rival: Croagunk
Croagunk (male) by pokemon3dsprites
How can this thing be so damned good at Go?!

This Pokémon is your romantic interest: Sliggoo
Sliggoo by pokemon3dsprites
Somehow, I'm afraid this relationship isn't going to last. Give it a while, and there'll be a bit of a size issue.

This Pokémon was once your romantic interest: Grumpig
Grumpig by pokemon3dsprites
After she evolved from a Spoink, my attraction to her diminished quickly. Evolution causes so many issues.

This Pokémon is stalking you: Pansage
Pansage by pokemon3dsprites
Is that what that pathetic monkey-thing is attempting to do? It needs a few lessons in covert operations.

This Pokémon is working on a science project with you: Tynamo
Tynamo by pokemon3dsprites
And, so far, it's able to navigate all the little mazes without me ever needing to waste my cheese as a reward.

This Pokémon wants to draw with you: Lilligant
Lilligant by pokemon3dsprites
Translation: This Pokémon is alright with watching you attempt to draw straight lines for four hours straight.

This Pokémon likes to snuggle with you: Tyrantrum
Tyrantrum by pokemon3dsprites
Don't remind me: I still need to visit the hospital to get the majority of my bones reset.

This Pokémon ate your cake: Sunkern
Sunkern by pokemon3dsprites
... $1 to whoever brings me this bugger's corpse.

This Pokémon is currently hiding in your house: Klink
Klink by pokemon3dsprites
It's certainly not hidden from me: it's in my clock. If you're the one searching for it, please remove it as soon as possible.

This Pokémon is about to fight you: Mienshao
Mienshao by pokemon3dsprites
Heh, somebody has a death wish.

This Pokémon will do anything to get your shoes: Bellossom
Bellossom by pokemon3dsprites
Take the darn things, they're a year and a half old, the soles are going out, and I've been waiting for an excuse to get new ones for the majority of that time.

This Pokémon is your pet: Ferroseed
Ferroseed by pokemon3dsprites
One day, it'll be a Ferrothorn. One day.

This Pokémon is your loyal companion for life: Froslass
Froslass by pokemon3dsprites
Ever since she moved into the server room, our cooling costs have dropped to almost nothing.

This Pokémon reads you bedtime stories: Ursaring
Ursaring by pokemon3dsprites
... at one in the afternoon.

This Pokémon is your new roommate: Pansear
Pansear by pokemon3dsprites
The Pansage is jealous. I choose my roommates wisely.

This Pokémon is your new boss: Spewpa
Spewpa by pokemon3dsprites
Yeah, still better than my last boss.

This Pokémon watches you while you sleep at night: Magby
Magby by pokemon3dsprites
Unfortunately, the heat makes me incredibly uncomfortable, so I wake up and go back to work.

This Pokémon was found in your basement when you moved into your new house: Shuckle
Shuckle by pokemon3dsprites
So I left it alone down there. If I weren't trying for a Ferrothorn, I'dve made this my pet months ago!

This Pokémon is about to perform surgery on you: Bulbasaur
Bulbasaur by pokemon3dsprites
My confidence is about as high as Bulbasaur's ranking on the Pokémon awesomeness index (not very high).

This Pokémon is your guardian angel: Zangoose
Zangoose by pokemon3dsprites
It protects my enemies from my wrath. One day, I shall obtain a Seviper and destroy it.

This Pokémon must be babysat by you for the whole night: Blitzle
Blitzle by pokemon3dsprites
Alright, I'll get the cage ready.

This Pokémon is the first Pokémon you will encounter: Parasect
Parasect by pokemon3dsprites
Awesome, I'll get my mycology stuff.

This Pokémon will take care of you after you become paralyzed due to complications during your surgery: Tirtouga
Tirtouga by pokemon3dsprites
Somebody get me a replacement caretaker! Those flippers are totally incapable of effectively handling silverware!

This Pokémon will be your cause of death: Magcargo
Magcargo by pokemon3dsprites
Note to self: self-fulfilling prophecies are so easy to spot. Don't fall for it.

This Pokémon loves to steal your hats is a complete bastard that needs to die ASAP: Blissey
Blissey by pokemon3dsprites
I wrote the prompt before finding the answer, but I still agree with my assessment. My hats are sacred, and Blissey must die.

This Pokémon loves to play video games with you: Nidoran (F)
Nidoran (female) by pokemon3dsprites
The Battle for Wesnoth is our favorite turn-based strategy game.

This Pokémon always borrows money from you is going to be visited by the kneecap fairy if he doesn't start paying you back soon: Alakazam
Alakazam by pokemon3dsprites
No further explanation necessary. The kneecap fairy is being dispatched.

This Pokémon is in charge of infecting people with this viral crap: Shuckle
Shuckle by pokemon3dsprites
Behold the power of the basement-dwelling Pokémon!

New potential hosts (who are under no actual obligation to demonstrate a similar manifestation to this one (seriously, I won't be upset if you don't respond to this virus)).
:iconlittledoggygirl: - Bambi, the great and powerful.
:iconxxsnowystarxx: - Member of 'wacko haters anonymous.
:iconpippydog: - Has a 'bov named Lacy.


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thanks for the watch! <3 
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Right back at you! Always nice to meet talkative fans of the :iconcohpycat: who aren't scared off after three minutes of watching me textually ramble in her streams.

(Sometimes I feel guilty about the effect I have on her viewership, but then I remember that if you can't join them, you must beat them.)

As you might be able to guess, I'm far from terse when dealing with most forms of textual communication. Endless paragraphs of meaninglessly-detailed text are rare, but most leading experts agree that it is best to ignore them if they don't get to their points within the first three sentences. I'll have probably drifted off into some strange, nearly-incomprehensible tangent, and typically begin new paragraphs by getting closer to the focal point of whatever message I'm trying to get across.

Good luck, and watch out for the ketchup!
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Hahaha! It was great meeting you! And thank you!
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